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Stay Safe This Winter in High Level

posted by: High Level Hotels on: September 30, 2014 3:00:54 PM

Make no mistake about it: High Level experiences cold and snowy winters.  If you’re looking for comfortable and warm accommodation this fall and winter in High Level check into one of our great hotels which feature in-room fireplaces. 

We also want to make sure that when you leave the hotel you stay safe.  If you’re driving in High Level this winter be sure to make use of these helpful snow and ice driving tips. 

Decrease Speed and Avoid Sudden Braking

The most elementary rule of snow driving is to decrease your speed drastically.  Driving at a slower speed will greatly reduce your chances of losing traction on icy and snowy surfaces.  It’s also important to avoid sudden braking as this can cause a loss of vehicle control.  Driving slow and applying the brakes gradually are key techniques to maintaining control in winter driving conditions.

Don’t Get Fooled by Four Wheel Drive

Although four-wheel drive increases a vehicle’s forward traction it does nothing to increase its braking abilities.  Some drivers out of a false sense of security believe it is safe to drive at fast speeds in winter conditions in a four-wheel drive vehicle.  In reality, driving faster in winter conditions in a four wheel drive vehicle is a highly unsafe practice.  Regardless of the vehicle you’re driving, always slow down when driving in winter conditions.

Winterize your Vehicle

Snow tires and chains are a must in Northern Alberta

Before the arrival of winter ensure that your vehicle is equipped with adequate tires either snow or all season radials.  If you are travelling in remote regions, carrying a windshield scraper, tire chains and a portable shovel are also recommended. 

Here at High Level Hotels we want to ensure our guests are safely and comfortably accommodated.  If you’re looking for great accommodations in High Level book a room at one of our hotels today!